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eBook is a free new content management system.

Stable version 1.80

Content Management System

eBookCMS - Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile

New version

  • Version 1.80 (June 1, 2020) - Download here
  • Basic Demo (no Bootstrap): Try here


  • Remember save your database first for old versions or for new Update
  • After version 1.65 keep your config.php, do not change YOUR_KEY or you lose your data.

Rich-Text Editor

HTML Editor WYSIWYG (javascript)

  • Version 1.69 (September 16, 2015) - Download here or see demo

A simple and light Content Management System

You must know something about howto building and developing PHP-MySQL based websites. The new version with PDO extension it is possible to use other databases. The last version was included mysqli driver but only works if you have mysqlnd extension enabled.

It's easy to install and fast

eBook consists of only one core engine file, one admin file, one api file, one javascript file and all accompanying CSS stylesheet file. It''s easy to expand capabilities with addons and plugins.

Knowing better this CMS

This is some features you will find in this CMS

  • Multi-Languages
  • Multi-Sections
  • Multi-Users
  • Multi-Groups (config file definition or setup-config table)
  • You can use multi-templates
  • Addons and plugin system
  • Personal Messages
  • Upload Images
  • Bootstrap integration

Package Contents

It's so small: Total in zip file 279 kb

  • Core engine (ebookcms.php) - 107 kb
  • Admin file - 51 kb
  • Framework API file - 117 kb
  • Services - 5 kb
  • Javascript (ebookcms.js ebookrte.js) - 33 kb
  • Config file (config.php) - 3 kb
  • 1 Database sqlite V3 if you want use sqlite

After installation use this data:

  • Username: super
  • Password: test

Important Notes

  • Don't forget to change this password with one hard to guess.
  • The first time you can change username, don't make mistakes you have one try to do that

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